Do you know the origin of June 1 childrens day


June 1 every year is the international children's day, which is the world's children's day. Do you know the origin of this festival? There are two common ways of saying this. Let's see some introduction:


The first is:

One theory is that in 1925, the Chinese consul-general in the United States led some Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in San Francisco. That year's Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 1, coincided with the previous Geneva conference.


2.The second is:

In June 1942, the German fascist ss surrounded by now the capital of the Czech republic in Prague, near the city of lidice village, killed 16 male citizens over the age of more than 140 people, all the babies and women were sent to concentration camps, in addition, there are 90 children were sent to a concentration camp in Poland (only 17 people live to the end of the war). All the houses and buildings in the village were burnt down or razed to the ground by the bulldozers. In this way, a good village was destroyed by the fascist ss.

To mourn lidice village and all the dead in the war of the world's children, anti-imperialist warmongers bloodshed, poisoned children, safeguard the rights of children, in November 1949 in the Soviet union's capital, Moscow at the international democratic women's federation council adopted a resolution, formally decided to annual June 1, for the world children's festival, namely "June 1 international children's day".

At present, many countries in the world will June 1 as the children's day, known as the "international children's day". However, in Europe and the United States, the date of the children's day is different, and often very few social public celebration activities.



Children's day, also called "June 1 international children's day", is held on June 1 every year, is the world's children's day.

In November 1949, the international democratic women's federation directors meeting in Moscow, China and the delegates angrily revealed the imperialists and reactionaries kill and poison children's crimes. In order to protect children's right to life, health care and education, in order to improve children's lives, the conference decided to take June 1 every year as the international children's day.

Before this, many countries in the world have children's day. In 1925, the council for the promotion of international child happy children's day initiative, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and other countries responded positively, has established its national children's day, in the UK every year July 14 for the children's day, the regulations for the children's day on May 1st. Japan's children's day is very special, divided into male and female children's day, male children's day May 5, female children's day March 3. China in 1931 also stipulated that April 4 for the Chinese children's day.

Since the establishment of June 1 in 1949 for the international children's day, countries around the world have abolished the original children's day, and unified as "June 1 international children's day." China's central government announced in December 1949: "June 1 international children's day" in place of the original "April 4 children's day", and stipulates that children and teenagers have a day off.